The RailroadTycoon.Info map makers contest.  Keep an eye on the forum for more details!  The rules for the contest are at the bottom of this page....

Name Map Description
Contest 2 Base Map
Added by Webmaster
Tuesday, November 23 2004
No Thumbnail Ok folks, it's time for the second scenario contest. Rules are pretty much the same as Contest 1 and are as outlined on the contest page.

Some changes and conditions for this map:

* There MUST be bronze/silver/gold winning conditions.
* There is a maximum time limit of 50 years.

To give better control over win conditions and status display there is a 30 event limit instead of 15.

Category #1 maps (Beginner) are not allowed to use any of the advanced tools available.

Category #2 maps (Experienced) are allowed to use anything they like.

All maps are due for judging on 1st January 2005 and there will be voting on the maps until 1st February 2005. I know it sounds really far away but that actually means there's only five weeks of map design time ;)
Holiday Island
Added by Casey
Wednesday, December 22 2004
A 20th Century Holiday Island. What if Canada had a warm, winter-get-away in a tropical climate? You are one of four Canadian Railroad Tycoons who have already set out to import the steel and to lay down the rails.
Added by EPH
Thursday, December 30 2004
The beautiful planet of Getaway is a tropical paradise known only to people whose ideal vocation is a permanent vacation.

But Mount Nemo has been making noise and smoke, and you need to call for help. Unfortunately, that means getting to the orbital station, and your shuttle is out of service.

You'll need to build an industrial plant and deliver the goods and materials to repair the shuttle... and don't forget the alcohol for the non-stop festivals in Port Crusoe!

Once you repair the shuttle, then the fun really starts! You'll need to launch your poor old shuttle from a GG1, and you'll need to drive that loco faster than a bullet train to do it!

Gold - launch the shuttle in 23 years or less.
Silver - launch the shuttle in 27 years or less.
Bronze - launch the shuttle in 30 years... or else.


Name Map Description


Yes, it's the small print...

The required map has been pre-selected from the Map Builder. There is no restriction on modification of mountains or water areas or what a builder can do with this basic map form.

Rules: There are two categories. #1 and #2

Category #1 is for beginners, who have published no more than 2 RRT3 scenarios.

Anyone can enter Category #2 but the experienced map makers having published 3 or more RRT3 scenarios can only enter catergory #2.

The Category #1 builder must use the tools provided in RRT3. None of the new tools, that may be provided in the patch/update, will be allowed in the category #1 contest maps.

All scenarios will be due for judging by the 1st January.  Judging will be complete by 1st February.

To keep judging simple, each person voting in the poll can use their own method, to choose the winning map. Each map maker is allowed to vote for their own map.

Judging will be by forum poll. A tie vote will be broken by 3 forum members. These 3 forum member judges will be chosen later only if needed.