Using the update service.

Go to the UPDATE page at and log in with your update username and password.  This may be different from your Forum name and password.

The main update screen is shown below.  The most important parts are "Submit News" and "Modify News".

Submitting A Map Or News Item.

From the main menu (above) select "Submit News" and you'll be show a screen with a form like this:



Should be self explanatory and is used to decide what kind of item you're submitting and is dependant on the level of access you've been assigned.  If it's a contest entry then select the relevant contest, if it's a general Map or Scenario the choose as appropriate.


Is a descriptive name for your map or submission.


Be as creative as you like with the description, remember a good description will make people more interested than just "Stationmasters first map"

Map Image

This is the picture of your map that will be shown to users.  It can be any size you like, the website will automagically make a scaled version for display.  There can be NO SPACES in the file name you upload.  So if necessary please rename it before uploading.

Map File

The actual .zip or .rar file with your map in it.  Again there can be NO SPACES in the file name you upload.

Link URL

If you're submitting an item in the Link category then put the link in this field, there is no need for the https:// part.

IMPORTANT: If you want to submit a Map Image and a Map they must be done so AT THE SAME TIME.  It is not possible to go back and edit a posting to include one or the other at a later date.

Remember, if you're uploading a big map or  are on a slow connection it may take some time for your item to be submitted.  Just be patient!

The Modify News option allows you to control your own postings, editing and deleting of your own items is allowed.  Editing uses the same screen as above.

If you've any queries or problems with the update section of the site then please contact with your query.