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Forum Registration -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, November 16 2006
Due to continued abuse by scummers, scammers and spammers we have decided that all forum registrations will be manually activated by an administrator.

See this thread in the forum for more details.

Still here, still alive. -- Posted by Webmaster on Monday, November 6 2006
Well folks RTI is still here, still alive and still accepting uploads.

Uploads are now fixed and should be working again.

"Gallery" Fixed -- Posted by Webmaster on Monday, May 2 2005
I finally got around to working out the problem with the Gallery pages and fixing them.

All the gallery uploads should display correctly now.

Sorry for the delay, it was one of those things that kept slipping my mind! :(

Alive? -- Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, February 22 2005
Yes your webmaster is still alive. Unfortunately I've not had any time to play RT3 recently, the joys of evil paying work and a mortgage and cats to look after has cut into my game time.

Hopefully things when things get quiet I'll have more time for my favourite game :)

Contest Extended -- Posted by Webmaster on Friday, January 7 2005
I've decided to extend the contest deadline a couple of weeks, just incase anyone else has a map to add to the two we've already had.

Merry Christmas/Holidays/Festive Period/Religious Holiday Of Choice -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, December 23 2004
It's that time of the year for family and rampant consumerism, although these days the latter seems to be more important than the former! :(

Webby is off to see his Mother in Scotland and will be around on and off over the holidays and back to his desk on 3rd of January 2005... Are we really half way into the first decade of the new millenuim already??? ;)

So have a great time with your family and loved ones and don't get too drunk.

Gathering Back -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, December 1 2004
Looks like "The Other Place" have sorted their problems and it's nice to see they've actually bothered to upgrade their forum software to the latest version. Let's hope they start doing their updates and backups with increased regularity! :)

Gathering Hacked AGAIN -- Posted by Webmaster on Saturday, November 27 2004
Ok folks just to be nice to "The Other Place", if you're desparate to look/post at the forums, here's the way to do it.

1) Go to https://www.gathering.com/forums/login.php and follow the "I Lost My Password" link.

2) Follow the instructions to re-set/send a new password.

3) Follow the instructions in the e-mail to re-activate your account.

3) Go to https://www.gathering.com/forums/login.php to login

4) Access the indexes of the forums using the direct links below:






Scenario Contest 2 Starts! -- Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, November 23 2004
Yes folks it's time for the holiday season map contest! The Base Map is up on the contest page along with the rules. There's also an announcement in the forum.

Five weeks to design a 30 event scenario, so you better get busy!

How many times? -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, November 17 2004
I've been asked a few times now "How many times has my map/scenario/skin been downloaded?" Now you can see at https://www.railroadtycoon.info/downloads.php I hope you all find this addition useful. It's also available from the navigation menus as "Statistics"

Coming Soon -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, November 3 2004
Yes folks, I feel a map contest coming on! :) Probably same format as before, but I'll be setting the base map this time around.

Long Awaited Release! -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, October 13 2004
The long anticipated and awaited Arizona Railroad Rev. 1.00 by AZ_Rail_Rat is finally available for download from the Scenarios page.

10 Months in the making this scenario is one of the most hotly anticipated "fan" scenarios for Railroad Tycoon 3

Website Move! -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, October 7 2004
Ok folks, if you're reading this then you're on the new server :)

For more information see this post on the forum.

Welcome Refugees -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, September 30 2004
With the continued absence of the official forums at Gathering I'd like to extend a welcome to any of the refugees that are finding RailroadTycoon.Info (RTI) for the first time.

Have a browse around the site and then register for our forum, it's similar to the Gathering forums and you should find it's a fun place to hang out.

If anyone has any queries or questions or thoughts then please feel free to contact me by e-mail or through the forum as "webmaster"

Once again, welcome to our "after hours club" on the web.

1.05 Patch Released -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, September 23 2004
The 1.05 patch has been released for RT3. The official annoucement says:

This latest patch updates Railroad Tycoon 3 to version 1.05. This patch does NOT require you to have any prior patches installed. Whether or not you have installed patches 1.01 to 1.04, the RT3 - Coast to Coast expansion, or none of the above, this patch will work fine in any of these scenarios. If you have already downloaded and installed the RT3 Coast to Coast expansion, all you need is the stand-alone 1.05 patch.

Version 1.05 Changes

Fixed a multiplayer crash bug inadvertantly introduced in patch 1.04.

Resolved the bug that could cause trains to slow to 1 m.p.h. sometimes when approaching stations and/or service towers.

Fixed a bug that would cause industries with 2 possible inputs i.e. textile mill), to produce at only half of their targeted rate, even when supplied with both inputs.

This patch should only be applied to English (UK/US/OZ) versions of Railroad Tycoon 3.

The patch can be downloaded from:

Take2Games Support Site

Where there are also links to different language versions of the patch.

Return Of The Webmaster.... -- Posted by Webmaster on Saturday, September 11 2004
I guess putting "Return Of The King" would have been a bit much :)

Well I'm back from Glasgow, had a great time, it's nice to recharge the batteries with sillyness and alcohol abuse :)

Nice to see that the forum has grown to 30 members in my absence and I'm really looking forward to playing AZRR's Monster Map over the next couple of weeks. I'm already working out how to avoid work and get RT3 time instead :)

Missing In Action? -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, September 8 2004
Yes, I'm missing :)

Actually I'm over in Scotland for a couple of days visiting my mother.

So... if an ything vanishes or if the forums die or you need me then drop me an e-mail as I can pick them up on my cellphone.

I have limited net access when over here so don't expect miracle fixes, but I will get around to sorting stuff out.

I'm back on Friday, hopefully relaxed and ready for more fun!

New Forum -- Posted by Webmaster on Saturday, August 21 2004
In recognition of the new skinning features in the "Big Patch" we've opened our new Skinning Forum.

Now all you budding train artists can talk about the intricacies of exactly what colour to paint the funnels! :)

Map Contest Winner! -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, August 18 2004

Congratulations to both entrants on their maps, I finally decided that I would go with the results from the forum.

Both will receive prizes as soon as I work out what I'm going to award :)

Contest Voting! -- Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, August 17 2004
Contest voting has now closed and the results were... A tie... So it's now up to your beloved webmaster to decide on a winner.

My decision will be announced soon. So keep watching this space!

Official Website "Down"? -- Posted by Webmaster on Monday, August 16 2004
Looks like the Official site at Gathering.com has been hacked by a Brazillian hacker/cracker/defacer crew.

We have more information on our forum.

Finish in sight! -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, August 12 2004
Well folks there's only a few days left in the voting. Polls close on Monday so make your vote count!

At the moment 6 votes have been cast and in the best traditions of a tight race there's 2 votes each for three of the maps.

Could it be that joint prizes have to be awarded? Or will there be a surge in voting over the final weekend?

Watch this space to find out!

"Late" Contest Map -- Posted by Webmaster on Friday, July 30 2004
Casey has submitted a contest map called NAFTAS Revenge!

Sounds rather interesting and I can't wait to have a go at it myself!

This brings the current number of contest maps to 4, good luck with the judging folks!

Let The Voting Commence! -- Posted by Webmaster on Monday, July 26 2004
Voting has started for the Beginners map contest! Late entries are still welcome but if you do enter late there's less chance that everyone will get to play and judge your entry.

Voting runs for 21 days from today and can be found on the forum at:


Good luck to all the entrants.

Contest Deadline Extended -- Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, July 20 2004
Due to phenomenal demand the closing date for entries in the "Beginners" map is being extended. Closing date for entries is now 25th of July with the voting poll being started in the forum on the 26th.

Get those maps in guys, this is your last chance to win the coveted prize!

Last Day! -- Posted by Webmaster on Monday, July 19 2004
It's the final day of the map contest.... Hopefully computers and modems are buzzing and the silent lurkers who've been beavering away making and tweeking their maps will come out of hiding and upload them today.

Remember guys, if you've any problems uploading just e-mail your map to stationmaster@railroadtycoon.info and I'll upload it for you.

Contest  Maps -- Posted by Webmaster on Saturday, July 17 2004
From the website logs it looks like 30 downloads of the bare contest map took place. So far we've two uploaded entries and another on the way.

So.... Where are the other 27 entries :)

Remember, if you have any problems using the Upload facility then feel free to e-mail your map to stationmaster@railroadtycoon.info and I'll make sure it's uploaded.

User Pages -- Posted by Webmaster on Friday, July 16 2004
This weeks exciting addition to the website are automatic user pages.

When someone submits a map, screengrabs, news or links in addition to updating the main site pages they will now also get their own User Page.

These can be found at https://www.railroadtycoon.info/users where the index will also be automatically updated.

Go check out the contributers and see what they've sent us.

One Week To Go! -- Posted by Webmaster on Monday, July 12 2004
Well folks, there's one week and one weekend to go in the "Beginners" map contest!

I hope the last minute event tweaking and play testing is going well and I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries.

Contest Maps -- Posted by Webmaster on Saturday, July 10 2004
I hope everyone is beavering away with their contest maps, looks like it could be a very interesting contest.

My map is in progress and while I don't expect to win, or even to be included in the voting, I still want to participate. :)

Anyways, just as a teaser... my map is going to be !Meteor Strike! Now doesn't that bring to mind some interesting options ;)

Thursday Morning Outage -- Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, July 8 2004
The Thursday morning outage was caused by a power supply problem. Not sure if any of you international people got the news, but parts of England were hit by storms causing chaos that took out power lines etc.

The server is hosted in an area that was badly hit by these storms and the facility lost power on a number of occasions. The UPS's and generators did their duty but it would appear that at one point we did actually lose power to the rack and the server re-booted.

The MySQL database didn't restart automatically (this was programmed behaviour after the last incident) and had to be manually re-started this morning when I found out about the outage.

Fortunately on this occasion there was no data loss :)

Forum Problems -- Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, July 6 2004
In the best traditions of Railroad Tycoon scenarios a disaster has struck. I'm sure you can guess what's happened. Yup, the forum database was destroyed.

The server was hit my a massive e-mail attack that caused a hard disk failure and also ran up the hosting bills.

Among the things destroyed was the forum database. Unfortunately to compound matters the automatic backup failed and so we're back to a blank forum guys.

The contest will still take place and the uploaded maps and stuff are still available. But I'm sure this setback will be overcome.

Forums are back on-line but empty, so it's time to re-register and fill them up guys :)

Automatic Registration -- Posted by Webmaster on Wednesday, June 30 2004
Users can now automatically register themselves for the map / scenario / contest uploading. Just click on the "Register" option from the Upload menu at the top of the page and fill in the form.

This site works with a trust principal, so please don't abuse the upload privilage.

The Contest Begins! -- Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, June 29 2004
Thanks to the efforts of Gwizz and HawkDawg the base map for the first RTi contest is now available. You can download it from the contest page and get busy.

When you're ready to submit you map please send me a PM on the forum and I'll set you up with a username and password.

There will be a prize in each category, so get busy with your editors and remember to check the contest forum regularly for all the news.

Woops! -- Posted by Webmaster on Friday, June 25 2004
Yes, we had a booboo... Sorry for the loss of the maps etc. for a short period tonight. They should all be back up and functional now.