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Australia (ita version)
Added by fenox
Sunday, May 13 2007
No Thumbnail un nuovo scenario ma solo in italiano per ora
Amazzonia (vers. 2- a bug fixed)
Added by fenox
Friday, May 4 2007
No Thumbnail a second version of my scenario, with some more events. Feel free for any comment or suggestion to write me
A come Amazzonia
Added by fenox
Wednesday, May 2 2007
No Thumbnail la versione italiana di Amazzonia
northern italy and alps
Added by fenox
Wednesday, May 2 2007
No Thumbnail that's a yet tested map, i'm doing another one (Amazzonia) but im finishing the tests and then translate it in english (im italian)..if you like it let me know :)
Greening the Red Planet v1.2
Added by JayEff
Friday, February 16 2007
MARS 2048:
Gravity got you feeling down? Need a change of scenery? Mars beckons. Moderate-hard difficulty, some micro-management.
Added by Lama
Wednesday, January 24 2007
Build Minor Keith's International Railways of Central America from the Pacific to the Caribbean coasts of Guatemala, across the high sierra.
(Revised to fix a bug)
Mecklenburg and Pommerania (English)
Added by Lama
Monday, January 15 2007
Recreate a legendary, rural, narrow-gauge railroad network that once crisscrossed this charming corner of North-Eastern Germany. (thumbnail fixed)
Louisville & Nashville RR
Added by Lama
Monday, January 15 2007
Build the Louisville & Nashville railroad and capture the region south of the Ohio for Louisville's commerce. (revised version, and thumbnail fixed)
Added by Lama
Monday, April 24 2006
Build the British colonial railways in Burma in the early twentieth century.
Thanks to milo, Cliff Barney, and bc for testing!
Cheshire County
Added by Lama
Tuesday, April 11 2006
Bring the railroad to southwestern New Hampshire in the mid-nineteenth century. (fixed version)
The Cheshire
Added by Lama
Saturday, April 8 2006
Introduce streamliner service on a Boston & Maine RR branch line, and bring some glamour to Depression-era New Hamsphire.
Mecklenburg-Strelitz & Pommern
Added by Lama
Tuesday, April 4 2006
Narrow-gauge railroading in rural northeastern Germany in the early twentieth century (in German).
Tortuga Islands
Added by Lama
Tuesday, April 4 2006
A group of tiny islands yearns for a railroad to cope with the many tourists who visit this tropical paradise.
Japanese Miracle v1
Added by EPH
Saturday, March 25 2006
Defeated in World War II, Japan's cities are bombed-out ruins, her factories are wrecked and the Japanese are destitute. What they need is a miracle... and what they have is you.

Detailed by General Douglas MacArthur to head up economic recovery, you must rebuild railroads and industries while having almost no raw materials at hand. Finished goods and equipment will buy you the commodities you need, however, and if you persevere you can turn Japan into an economic superpower.

Victory conditions include shipments of steel, goods, toys and automobiles, and the amount of electricity you generate helps determine how efficient your industries can be. The game runs 25 years and begins in 1946.

One of the great things about this period is access to many generations of locomotives, steam, diesel and electric, ranging from the Atlantic to the Shinkansen bullet train.
Mississippi Valley fix
Added by JayEff
Sunday, February 26 2006
PopTop's popular map, with edited events and headlines. Connections required for win should work properly now.
Added by Lama
Tuesday, February 14 2006
A map by Kraellin, based on a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe. The scenario is by Molse, with a storyline retelling bits from the life of Ms. Monroe in a juicy, if tongue-in-cheek, way.
Imagine, Marilyn is lying around unclothed and thirsty. She waits for you, an experienced tycoon and wealthy benefactor of the arts to satisfy her needs.
More info here: [url][/url]
New France
Added by nedfumpkin
Tuesday, February 7 2006
Based on a map from 1730 (start year 1830), this is New France as they saw it back then. You are sent by the King of France to build an iron ribbon from Acadia to Lousiana. But times change, people change, in the sparse land where you trade with the Indians and develop the fur trade.
Added by Lama
Friday, January 27 2006
Borogravia is a landlocked principality isolated by high mountains, but its valleys and ranges could make the country prosper if opened to rail transportation. Get the trains on track for a boom in industry and tourism.
Weidenthal County (Version 2)
Added by Lama
Friday, January 27 2006
Build a railroad in rural Western Germany, starting in the 1950s. Weidenthal is not an actual place. Still, geography, economy, and events are modeled closely after mountainous central Germany.
Added by EPH
Wednesday, December 14 2005
Beginning in 1840, you have 20 years to build a railroad empire before Civil War tears the United States apart. Once war comes, it is up to you to move the troops, guns and ammunition necessary for victory. In your hands will rest the fate of the United States and the Confederacy.
Shattered Union 1 02
Added by PJay
Friday, September 30 2005
see thread on the forum:

It's Poptop's USA map with my events:

Gain territory access by hauling the most revenue (of all companies) to one of the neighbouring states. You win when you've got monopoly railroad rights to all of the US, Canada and Mexico. You loose if you don't have any acces rights anymore.

This map also features a score system so you can compare how well you do against others.

I finished with 780 points on expert after 20 years. Who can do better ?
Cuba before Castro
Added by arop
Saturday, September 24 2005
No Thumbnail Size: 1024x384. Number of cities: 68. Start: between 1879 and 1909. End: 1th. january 1959 (just before the end of the revolution). If you are not pleased with win conditions, you can change them in the editor! Good luck!
Added by arop
Saturday, August 27 2005
No Thumbnail Possibly the best map I have ever made. Fantasy map 512x1024 pixels. Start between 1836-1880 and play until 1955 (end of steam). Lots of events.135 towns and villages are waiting to be connected. Connection bonus/penalty by 1920. Ca. 20 tunnels to be built to avoid grades above 3. Carefully built, most bridges can be built in level.
Paphalophagus V-1.2
Added by hawkdawg
Sunday, August 14 2005
Have you got what it takes to defeat the S.C.U.M. and build a railroad joining the cities of the country?
Win and lose events now work right.
Status report added.
Getaway Special
Added by EPH
Monday, August 8 2005
The beautiful planet of Getaway is a tropical paradise known only to people whose ideal vocation is a permanent vacation.
Lately Mount Nemo has been making noise and smoke, and you need to call for help. Unfortunately, that means getting to the orbital station, and your shuttle is out of service.
You'll need to build an industrial plant and deliver the goods and materials to repair the shuttle... and don't forget the alcohol for the non-stop festivals in Port Crusoe!
Once you repair the shuttle, then the fun really starts! You'll need to launch your poor old shuttle from a GG1, and you'll need to drive that loco faster than a bullet train to do it.
Gold - launch the shuttle in 23 years or less.
Silver - launch the shuttle in 27 years or less.
Bronze - launch the shuttle in 30 years... or else!

This is an improved, edited and slightly revised edition. The Getaway Guide and the Tips and Hints are enclosed.
Added by arop
Saturday, July 16 2005
No Thumbnail This is my latest map, called Fantasia. It`s a fantasy map with a flexible period between 1856 and 1900 ending in 1950, so you can choose to play this scenario between 94 and 50 years. Size: 384x640 pixels,106 towns and cities.
Greening the Red Planet v1.1
Added by JayEff
Wednesday, May 25 2005
MARS 2048:
Gravity got you feeling down? Need a change of scenery? Mars beckons. Moderate-hard difficulty, some micro-management.
Pandaimonia - The Quest
Added by Lama
Wednesday, May 25 2005
This map is set in a fantasy loaction. It puts you, as a mythical hero, in charge of an army of knights on iron horses. Defend a Kingdom against an evil overlord by delivering weapons, troops, and ammunition; and by going on a quest to find a magical Chalice.
Colonial India ver. 0.903
Added by EGC7
Thursday, May 12 2005
Colonial India version 0.903...already significantly updated (thanks to very helpful comments from JayEff).

Connect Calcutta to the rest of's possible (but very hard!) to get GOLD on expert level. This scenario is a micro-manager's dream!
Grey Coast & Grand River
Added by pigboy306
Monday, May 9 2005
I have been playing it for a couple of days and it is very novel approach to a map.

Added by arop
Saturday, April 23 2005
No Thumbnail Tropico is a small tropical island with only little manufactoring industry. Very dependent on ports and harbours (fisheries), the main buisiness export of raw materials to industrial contries. Build a railway system try to make the island prosper.
Added by Taleisin
Monday, April 18 2005
Another crazy idea.

I wanted to build a city and its suburban lines or Metro. So I did.

What you have to do is take over the system after a general strike with all the equipment in the wrong place and some of it substandard, and get the trains running again. You have only FIVE YEARS to do your job.

It *can* be done!

Let me know on here how you get on!

- Building Bridges in the Sky -
Michigan 1830-1860
Added by WolverineMSU
Saturday, April 16 2005
Michigan is still a territory and you must build her a railroad. Lot's of innovative features make it a scenario to be played time and time again.
Added by Taleisin
Tuesday, April 12 2005
This scenario is about surveying and gradients.

You have to connect the coastal towns of Scrimshaw and Marlinspike via Wallop high in the mountains that lie between them. To do so you have to build an evenly graded railway. Steep is expensive and sand runs through your fingers. You don't have any locomotives that are good at climbing.

There is plenty of money to do the job; your skill lies in laying out and building a railway that is elegant and realistic. Bring your hiking boots and theodolite!

:Building Bridges in the Sky:
Victorian Railways 20th Century
Added by pbenn
Tuesday, April 12 2005
Welcome to Victoria, 1930!

Things have changed in the last half-century: the gold has gone, Australia has become a nation, agriculture and (increasingly) manufacturing have become the economy’s foundations. The landscape has changed with increasing population, and many gold towns are now ghost towns, replaced by thriving regional centres.

You have a chance to replace the aging 5’ 3” broad gauge with a new standard gauge (4’ 8½”) system, matching the Commonwealth (trans-Nullarbor and Central Australian) and New South Wales systems. You will face a wide variety of at times competing demands. Your task is quite simple – meet the demands!

Note that your priority is to build and run the system. Victorian Railways is government-owned, so there’s no competition. (Society being what it is, there are still rewards for accumulating personal wealth.) You’re scored on a point system. The scenario moves through a series of phases, each with its own quota for medals. Minimum time is 30 years; after that, at the end of each phase you can elect to continue or to claim your medal. Keep an eye on the status page (press ‘A’) to check your progress.

A hint: steel yourself! You won’t get far without a good ferrous industry.
This scenario is abour building and running a railway, not about breakneck tycooning, so don't be disappointed if this isn't your style!
Added by Taleisin
Sunday, April 10 2005
I wanted to explore a couple of things. First the contrast between surburban travel and long-distance journeys. Second the battle between a player and several computer opponents. Oh, and another slightly surreal landscape.

So ...

It is 1930 and your travels take you to the French speaking coastal province of Millefeuille (literally 'a thousand leaves').

The challenge is more fully described in the scenario briefing but the gist of it is that you there are six competing entrepreneurs and you can only win by putting the other five out of business and being the only outfit in town.

"Building Bridges in the Sky"
The Heartland of USA
Added by arop
Friday, April 8 2005
No Thumbnail This map is an improvement of the rrt3 map "Germantown". The terrain is smothened in order to make realistic grades, more cities are added (total cities=101),and the win conditions are altered.
Added by Taleisin
Thursday, March 31 2005
Remember Fosse-Lyes Hottmudd? It just got worse ... MUCH worse!

The Hottmuddi introduce you to their cousins in Hexum, where no less than SIX civilisations are living in perfect disunity. Your task - if you have the bandwidth to download the 1024 x 1024 map - is to unite all six peoples with a working railway linking all 115 cities.

Will you succeed? Can you find the traces of the great railway that existed in a previous age (see pic)? Will you benefit from the legacy of the past? And what IS the meaning of the great glowing couloured pillars?? Onward! Hexum needs you!

"Building Bridges in the Sky"
Isle of Man
Added by Taleisin
Saturday, March 26 2005
The Isle of Man is only 30 miles (50Km) long but it has its own parliament, its own legal system, its own language (Manx) and its a tax haven. Manx cats have no tails.

Can you build it a railway?

This is v2, improved finances. Apologies ... the first two people who downloaded v1 got no reduction of costs for narrow gauge construction and running and the effort of staying in business was exhausting. This is more fun, you might get to build lines tracing the routes of the five original Manx companies (well, that's the main ones anyway ...)
North Wales v2
Added by Taleisin
Friday, March 25 2005
Version 2, posted March 24 2005, is a slight improvement on the original posted March 21st. Only change from 1.1 is a few lakes that exist on the ground and some very slight changes in gradient affecting Blaenau Ffestiniog, Barmouth and the Tallyllyn railway's route from Towyn to Abergernolwyn.

Incidentally the heights are about right in feet - which makes the mountains a touch dramatic but it looks good and gives you some fun track building problems to solve.

I've played it a few times now and there are some Bronze, Silver, Gold aims suggested but they are not built in as events.

But if you really want to try and pit your wits against the sheep then you need to fulfil the Gold objectives
- connect Abergele, Holyhead, Caernarvon, Portmadoc, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Barmouth, Machyntlleth and Bala -


* build mountain railways up Snowdon and Great Ormes Head
* build the narrow gauge railways from Portmadoc to Blaenau Ffestiniog, from Caernarvon to Portmadoc via Beddgelert, from Towyn to Abergernolwyn AND from Machyntlleth to Corris.
* build the tunnel from Dolwyddelan to Blaenau Ffestiniog
*have a nuclear power station at Trawsfynnydd

If you get all these you can award yourself PLATINUM!

If your railway from Portmadoc to Blaenau Ffestiniog is on a continuous gradient, level or uphill all the way, so that horses can pull the empties up and the full trains can come back by gravity, then award yourself the JAMES SPOONER ENGRAVED SLATE MEMORIAL PLAQUE!!!!

What next? Shall I do the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man?

"Building Bridges in the Sky"
Fosse-Lyes-Hottmudd v2
Added by Taleisin
Thursday, March 24 2005
This is now a working scenario ... unless anyone spots some gaffes.

Fosse, Lyes, Hottmudd - three countries divided by a common problem.

Can you be the person to unite them after centuries of isolation and mutual distrust?


"Building Bridges in the Sky"
Added by arop
Saturday, March 12 2005
No Thumbnail This is an improvement of the Poptop map: "Argentina opens up". More cities are added and win conditions are altered. (arop)
Making a map from the scratch (UTOPIA)
Added by arop
Friday, February 25 2005
No Thumbnail This is an alternative way of map making.Using this method it will be more easy to place rivers and to build railways with more realistic grades.
Srbija/Crna Gora
Added by Momo2311
Wednesday, February 23 2005
No Thumbnail Learn a bit about Serbian history, but first of all: have fun!
(Scenario in German)
comments are welcome, mailto:
Added by arop
Monday, February 21 2005
No Thumbnail This fantasy map is created by Anders R. Pilgaard (arop)-Aarhus - Denmark. Size 1024x1024 pixels. Carefully built, all rivers can be crossed on bridges in level.
Added by arop
Monday, February 21 2005
No Thumbnail This map is an improvement of the original rrt3 Louisiana map (poptop 512 x 512 pixels). More cities and events are added.
Added by arop
Friday, February 18 2005
No Thumbnail The first scenario i made is called East Florida. Some events have been copied from the rrt2 map Florida.
Added by arop
Friday, February 18 2005
No Thumbnail Here is a new scenario for rrt3 called Utopia (1024x768 pixels) created by anders robert pilgaard - aarhus - denmark
NAFTA'S Revenge (Revised)
Added by Casey
Wednesday, December 22 2004
Hook up some cities. Buy up some Industries. Maybe even earn some money for yourself. But beware the petty regulations in N.A.F.T.A.'S Revenge (Revised).
Across the Blue Mountains
Added by pbenn
Friday, December 10 2004
Across the Blue Mountains

Start date: 1855 (compulsory)
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Author: Peter Bennet, Melbourne, Australia (
Version 1.1: December 2004

Sydney is located on a fertile plain, but hemmed in between the Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountains, a rugged sandstone range running parallel to the coast. For many years after the colony's foundation no Europeans had even crossed the ranges (although of course the indigenous population travelled freely among them). When they were finally penetrated in 1813 a vast expanse of excellent grazing land was discovered, and by 1855 there are large flocks of sheep out on the Western Plains. So far the cockies have relied on slow, unreliable bullock wagons to bring out the clip, but there is a desperate need for better transport.

The Sydney Railway Company has just gone bust trying to build the colony's first railway. As usual there were various factors, but the main ones were lack of a skilled workforce (competition from gold rushes, first in California and then closer to home in NSW and Victoria), overambitious plans and the expense and delay of shipping materials and equipment from the Old World.

Now the Government has taken over the works and appointed you to get things going. Your goals:

 Connect Sydney with 19 other towns, including Bathurst
 Transport 5 loads of goods to Bathurst
 Complete bronze conditions
 Connect 25 towns
 Transport a total of 10 loads of goods to either/both of Goulburn and Musswellbrook
 Complete silver conditions
 Connect all 36 towns
 Transport a total 5 of loads of goods to either/both of Queanbeyan and Wellington
 Transport a total of 150 loads of wool to either/any of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong

 This is now a Government railway, so no share or company dealing
 Construction materials are limited: you get 100 cells of new track each year. This can be increased by an extra 50 cells for exceeding each of these targets within a calendar year:
 10 loads of wool
 20 loads of lumber
 5 loads o steel
 a quota of total loads, which increases each year (the increment depends on game difficulty level)
(Note: you get an extra 50 cells for each of these targets, so a maximum of 300 per year.)

Geographical note: I've made the map as accurate as I can, but I started with a heightmap from the Mapbuilder which is probably not detailed enough at this scale. Most of it looks right, but I had real trouble resolving the area around Springwood, Katoomba and Lithgow and ended up shifting these slightly to make the climbs more real. If anyone who knows this area (which I dont') is offended by its inaccuracy, I’m happy take submissions!

Railfans note: the ZigZag Railway near Lithgow is a famous and spectacular railway construction, long bypassed by the main line but still running a preserved railway. Check out its website at

I hope you enjoy the scenario!
Added by hawkdawg
Friday, December 3 2004
Build an Empire of your own liking and become the Czar of the industrialized world!
Adapt your strategy to one just under the law and push the limits of legality to obtain the perfect rail empire. Scenario has multiple accomplishments that only you decide which is important. State of the art scripting ensures you of fair play and control of your investments. Play at your own pace.
Well suited for beginner through expert.

This scenario was made by 'Bothersome'. I'm just helping to spread it around, with permission-of course. ;-)
Modern Africa
Added by Jeremy_Mac_Donald
Wednesday, November 17 2004
Modern Africa

Open up the Dark Continent to high speed rail.
Arizona Railroad 1.00
Added by AZ_Rail_Rat
Monday, November 15 2004
*** Updated with README FILE ***
(Sorry about that folks. Thanks to loco_motive for catching it.)

(and almost as long to get uploaded)

THE most accurate historical map of Arizona Railroading EVER.

Be sure and follow README instructions, load logos and BRING LOTS OF WATER.

Have fun and enjoy.
La Soif des Irlandais (Fr)
Added by JayEff
Sunday, October 31 2004
EUROPE 1970:
Tragedy strikes Ireland! There is not a drop to drink. Connect France to Ireland, visit a few French RT3 dudes, and bring some of that fine French wine to the Emerald Isle. Scenario by Francky.
Added by EPH
Wednesday, October 6 2004
'The Gilded Age' - A satirical term, coined by Mark Twain, for a period of American history roughly from 1860 to the end of the century. Marked by unbridled capitalism, the growth of large corporations (especially the railroads), rampant speculation, ostentatious display of wealth and widespread political graft and corruption.

You may begin anywhere in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states in 1845, but several events will reward you for starting in the Boston area. Specifically, connecting Lowell and Worcester to Boston will gain you the financial support of local investors, and acquaint you with the New England trade in ice.

Along the way, you will have to make decisions about the sort of person you want to be and the kind of railroad you want to run, if any. You will also have to choose whether to support political candidates, and it is possible for you to cast the deciding vote if war with Great Britain looms.
Great Lakes
Added by DarthVeda
Saturday, September 11 2004
Great Lakes
By: Kevin 'DarthVeda' Chulski
Email suggestions/bugs/whatever to darthveda AT hotmail DOT com
Last Updated September, 2004
Version 1.0

You have been given the opportunity of a lifetime: develop the industrially and agriculturally rich Great Lakes region. Your task is to build a great railroad.

Singleplayer Objective:
BRONZE - Connect Chicago to Philadelphia within 25 years.
SILVER - Same as Bronze, except you must also have a book value exceeding $75,000,000
GOLD - Same as both of the above, except you must also have a personal net worth over $35,000,000 AND you have to do it all within 15 years.

Multiplayer Objective:
Have the highest company book value at the end of 50 years.

Timeframe Available:
1840 to 2000
Warming Trend
Added by JayEff
Saturday, September 4 2004
The French and British have pulled out and the USA is stuck behind the 1763 Royal Proclamation line. As CEO of La Compagnie Nord-Ouest, Canada's only remnant of corporate enterprise, it falls to you to build trade relationships and peace between neighbours. Easy.
A Railroad Went to Sea
Added by JayEff
Saturday, July 31 2004
This is the story of Henry Flagler's railroad from Miami to the Florida Keys. Scenario by Edward Ford. Moderate difficulty.
NAFTAS Revenge
Added by Casey
Thursday, July 29 2004
A simple contest map with Industrial requirements.

Gold: $25 Million in industrial profit. Bronze: $15 million. All in 15 years.

If you are brave there are also some aggressive AI that you can choose to battle.

You must buy your way in to much of the map.

And if you manage all that there are 60 cities, towns and villages to connect up. After all, a nice rail line may just boost those industrial profits.

Added by WolverineMSU
Friday, July 16 2004
It's called "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and takes place in the fictitious country of Qair whos evil dictator, Maddas Nushies has been forced into hiding followin a U.S. invasion ordered by President Weggo Shrub. Your mission is to find the WMDs and move them to a disposal site.
!Meteor Strike!
Added by Webmaster
Tuesday, July 13 2004
The meteor shower came! Fortunately the planet wasn't destroyed but it did cause chaos in governments.

Connectivity and CBV are important in this contest scenario.
Contest Map
Added by HawkDawg
Tuesday, June 29 2004
No Thumbnail The base map for the first Railroad Tycoon Info Contest.
Added by HawkDawg
Saturday, June 26 2004
A map centered on the Straits of Gibraltar. A 50 year map with city connections, CBV and IP requirements for the Medals.
Arizona Open Range
Added by AZ_Rail_Rat
Friday, June 25 2004
AZRR's Arizona Open Range map. A sneak preview of his soon to be released mega-map!
Irish Free State
Added by Webmaster
Friday, June 25 2004
What if the whole of Ireland had become a free state after the rising? Try your luck and watch out for WWII